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The Big Chop: Introducing a Brand New YOU!

The Big Chop is not only one of my trademark looks, it’s my favorite cut to do for clients! I love The Big Chop because I see it as a bold, totally new look for a client. It’s truly about energy, creating a new energy or reconnecting with your own unique, creative energy.

“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life”. – Coco Chanel

For example, I had a client who was going through postpartum depression, and she came in for a haircut to reenergize herself. After I finished her cut, she nearly leapt out of the chair, she was so full of energy and confidence. It was beautiful. Clients come in for The Big Chop for so many reasons—break-ups, career changes, milestone birthdays—but it’s really about wanting something fresh and new, which can help you feel fresh and new.

“…helping people feel better about themselves and feel more energized about their life gives me a thrill.”

People sometimes underestimate how the way you look is connected to the way you feel, and helping people feel better about themselves and feel more energized about their life gives me a thrill. I just love being a part of that transition. I’m as excited for the client as the client is for themselves! I’m cheering you on. I want you to be in love with how you look and in love with the life you live.

My First Big Chop

I first cut my hair in sixth grade. I didn’t cut my hair all the way down, but I had a little afro. I had some flips and some undercuts for a while. It felt good to style my hair and look different. Then in high school, I really went all in. I cut my hair all the way down like Loretta Divine in Waiting to Exhale. That cut made me feel seen. So, I went even shorter, just all the way bald, when I was nineteen. I’ve always been a bit outspoken and outgoing, but with a Big Chop, I set myself apart even more. People would say, “You should have been cut your hair like that!”

The style is different. It’s strong and unapologetically unique. That’s me.

Big Chop Basics

The Big Chop is about making a Big Change. It’s exciting for me to be a part of the process because it’s like I’m being invited into this really important moment of self-discovery and self-affirmation. Sounds like a Big Deal, huh? In a lot of ways, it is. But when a client can trust me and trust themselves in the moment, it can be pure magic.

  • Be Bold: The absolute best way to get a Big Chop is to cut as much of your old hair off as possible. It’s a bold move, but it creates the best results.

  • Be Open-Minded: A lot of clients come in with ideas of styles they want but don’t always know what goes into making a hair cut work. For example, I consider facial structure—oval, square, round—for styling Big Chops. Be open-minded about the best options for your face shape and trust my expertise. I want you to look great and will never steer you wrong!

  • Be Ready to Stand-Out: When I have my hair cut short, I feel like, “Boom!” You’re going to see me when I walk into the room. The Big Chop is like that. It’s like “Boom!” You have arrived and everyone knows it. Lean into that energy. Share your ideas. Use your voice. Hair can sometimes be a camouflage, and a Big Chop brings you out of hiding. Take up space and make yourself seen, heard, and felt in ways that make you feel powerful.

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