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Crazy in Love with Color

Spring is a perfect time to experiment with color. From blonde to brown, natural colors can be classic and cutting edge. The color trends I’m most excited about are blends, especially blonde blends. Honey blonde is always popping, but I’m also seeing people going bright with it, even exploring whites and platinum. Being able to play with stormy grays and brilliant blondes on fades creates some really dope looks. I’m seeing it with browns, too. People even fading from a really deep brown to a honey blonde. Experimenting with color can take you from one end of the spectrum, from shocking whites to simmering browns. It depends on what kind of vibe you’re looking for and how adventurous you are with your look.

I’ve seen some people rock a cognac brown, which is rich and classic, but still different. But if you want to be outrageous with it, you can play with a neons—oranges, pinks, yellows—but sometimes those colors tend to fade more quickly. Some people got very particular day jobs, too, and they can’t just run up in the office with fuchsia hair!

What’s exciting about coloring hair is the limitless possibilities for different looks. For example, incorporating different tones and creating contrasts. With short cuts, having more than one color really adds complexity to the style.

Feeling bold? Want to explore color?

  1. Consider the hues of your skin tone: Everyone has undertones that range from warm to cool, with some instances of neutral. Tones that are warm tend to be yellow to gold while cooler hues include pink and blue. Knowing your undertone can tell you a lot about what hair colors will complement your skin tone.

  2. Make sure your hair is healthy: Coloring hair is a process that involves chemical compounds which ultimately affect the texture and strength of your hair. The more extreme the color, the more intense the process. If your hair is damaged, consider building up your hair’s resilience before coloring.

  3. Communicate with your stylist: Be sure to talk about what to expect from the process and what is possible with your hair, specifically. Trust your stylist and her expertise in choosing colors and types of hair dye, applying products, and aftercare.

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