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Be Your Own Brand

I was watching Oprah once, and somebody said something to her about her brand, The Oprah Brand. She was like, “What?” She said she wasn’t thinking about a “brand” and that she was just being herself. But then she realized that she did have a brand, that she had built one based on who is she is, what she stands for, and what she puts out into the world. That whole concept struck me because “being a brand” can sound so removed or all about “marketing,” when it’s really about what you represent and what people think of when they see you.

When thinking about Kokodabarber as a brand, I always start from the perspective that I’m just being me—loving what I do, dedicating myself to my vision and my creativity, and just being Kokodabarber. And what I’m discovering is that my brand is growing from work: the hair is the brand.

“We’re going to laugh, we’re going to have fun, and we’re going to do something amazing with your hair.”

Even with starting Shear Utopia, I realized that I can’t control other people and what other people do, I can only control Koko and this is me: The Big Chop, the sexy, confident cuts, the bold colors. This is my brand. Every time a client comes in, they’re going to get the same Koko—we’re going to laugh, we’re going to have fun, and we’re going to do something amazing with your hair.

It feels great to be my own brand, to establish my brand as authentically me. I get to be ME every day and I get to say what Kokodabarber represents. That kind of self-esteem and assertiveness is at the center of it, too.

The Kokodabarber brand is for the woman or man who wants to be fresh, sharp, and clean at all times. It’s for people who care about their image, wants to take centerstage, and lives every moment true to themselves. You don’t have to be Will Smith or have 14,000 followers to be unique, to turn heads. You can be a celebrity in your own right and a style by Kokodabarber is all about helping you see that in yourself, giving you the look to match your inner-confidence, your inner-superstar.

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