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Koko Da Barber is an award-winning barber whose artistry and inimitable style makes her one of Florida’s most sought-after stylists. She specializes in “The Big Chop,” a haircut best defined as a liberation from the everyday, a chance to break from the status quo, and an invitation to explore one’s best and boldest self. An experienced and energetic entrepreneur, Koko owns Shear Utopia Unisex Salon in Tampa, Florida, where she creates fierce looks, maintains a professional, focused atmosphere, and provides excellent customer service that is second to none.


Born in Ft. Myers but raised in Tampa, Koko can trace her flair for creative, daring expression back to the age of twelve. As a girl, she explored different hair braiding techniques and designs, even giving herself a “big chop” to boldly switch up her style. She went on to graduate from the barbering program at Lively Technical College in Tallahassee, and now, with over a decade of experience as a barber, stylist, and entrepreneur, Koko leverages her upbeat personality, her dedication to lifelong learning, and her generous spirit to expand her brand and contribute to her community.


Koko has won numerous awards for her cuts, styles, and business acumen, bringing home trophies and receiving commendations from the Curtis Smith Show, Premiere Hair Show, and Main Stream Expo to name a few. Confident and passionate about her craft and her community, Koko has spoken at industry, entrepreneurship, and mentorship events and programs locally and nationally.


“I want to see my clients smile,” Koko says. “But most importantly, I want my clients to feel empowered and confident when they leave my salon.” 


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